Fleeceworks pad for every phase! I love these special pads not only because go their design but also because of the incredible materials that they use. Their bamboo pads are made with all natural products and just increase my horse’s comfort under saddle. My tack room is absolutely stocked with these incredible saddle pads.



Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnets

These Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnets are to die for. Each bonnet is customized and handmade in California and is so soft yet so sturdy at the same time. They add the perfect touch of color and sparkle in the ring and I just can’t get enough of them. Just look at how amazing these all look.


Coat Defense

Just applying my favorite Coat Defense paste to Landi’s white socks. This paste clears up any fungus or bacteria that may be on his skin and leaves it healthy and looking fantastic. As we prepare to make our journey to Ocala, I will definitely be packing my Coat Defense to help ward off any fungus that may come with the changing climate that Florida brings.