Thank you so much UltraCruz! I love their grooming products and they will be put to very good use this week keeping Landioso clean and shiny!



Coat Defense

You’re looking at my favorite grooming products! I love Coat Defense and use it on all my horses. The powder is perfect for for to help clear up any unwanted skin fungus or bacteria and the paste gives their skin the little extra help it needs on those hard spots. I love both and attribute so much of my horses’ healthy coats to this.


Revita Vet

I love my RevitaVet systems and so does Landi! This special system can be placed anywhere on his body. Here, it is helping loosen up his back and butt muscles before his ride. They designed these light therapy devices for use on their entire body and part of my daily routine. We can’t live without RevitaVet.