PC: Sherry Stewart

Big pats for Landi! He is a star and I always outfit him with only the best. We love sporting our favorite Fleeceworks saddle pads both in and outside of the ring. These special pads are designed with every little detail in mind including the materials they use to make them. There is no other pad that checks all the boxes like these do.


Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnets


I guess you could say I have a favorite bonnet company. These Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnets are amazing and made right here in California! I love the extra little sparkle they bring and they fit the horses’ heads perfectly. If you are looking for a top quality bonnet, look no further.

Professional’s Choice


Did you know Professional’s Choice makes grooming tools as well? I love these brushes because they are so durable and make my life easy. The brushes are just the right stiffness to take the dirt off but not irritate the skin and their tail brush has worked it’s way through many very large knots. These brushes are definitely the best!



Landi loves to wear his favorite RevitaVet systems. They help his back loosen up and stay relaxed before every ride. Plus, these light therapy devices are so easy to transport, meaning I can take it with us wherever we go. It is an integral part of our routine and I can’t imagine life without it.